Belling format cooker manual

This cooking hob has been designe constructed and marketed. PLEASE READ THE ENTIRE INSTRUCTION MANUAL CAREFULLY BEFORE USING YOUR. Always make sure that the oven shelves are resting in the correct. Never use the hob for any other purpose than cooking food. Sufficient space should be allowed at either side of the cooker to enable it to be pulled out for cleaning and servicing.

MAKE SURE TO KEEP THE MANUAL SOMEWHERE SAFE IN CASE YOU NEED IT. Question – My Belling Format is stuck on 00. Only moved into this house weeks ago and no manual and oven is set into . I have an old Belling cooker with no manual.

The auto timer sign shows when it is plugged in and I can’t remove it to use manually. Manual position and cancellation of programmed cooking. The time of day lies between the calculated cooking start and end time). It seems to be a strange law of nature, that setting clocks and programmers can befuddle even the savviest cooker. However, with a Belling cooker, it’s beautifully . My Belling Format 600x top oven and grill have stoped working it used to come on and then off again but now not working, can I get parts of this what exactly .

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