Bon bon jars with lid

Vintage Large Candy Bon Bon Storage Jar With Lid Handmade Glass. Handmade ornate bonboniere jar in a striking design unique to Schreiber. An elegantly stylish way to store sweet .

Large candy jar glass bonbon jar with Lid: Small glass bonbon jar with lid. Glass Candy/Sweet/Storage Jar w/Sealed Lid. Bonbon Sweet/Candy Jar ‘I Love Chocolates, Bonbons, Biscotti’. Decorative bon bon jar made from glass with li perfect for storing sweets, biscuits or simply displaying empty.

Beautiful highly decorative glass storage jars with . Here’s what people are saying about Pressed Bon Bon Jar With Lid.

I am using it without the lid as a vase at the moment and I have made a floral arrangement of silver and white flowers . This Bon Bon glass clip storage jar can be used for any number of things from. You will find charming cake stands, low footed or high foote variety of glass jars perfect for a display at weddings or other wine and dine celebratory events.

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