Cake pop scooper

Traditional style spring action scoop; Makes uniform sized cake balls, cookie dough or ice cream portions; Features a rotating lever for easy release. Mar I use this medium cookie scoop to make evenly sized cake pops. It’s pretty easy: scoop up the cake pop batter, push off the excess with your .

Sweetly Does It cake pop scoop; Spring action scoop is ideal for making uniform. Cake Pop Cookie and Cupcake Scoop Scoops a Perfect Single Cake Pop . Chill in refrigerator for at least hour Cake Pop Baller Directions: 1. Scoop chilled cake pop mix into baller, more than what will fit into both cups of baller. Create perfectly sized cake pops with this Sweetly Does It scissor action baller. Easily scoop cake into uniform sized cake balls with the non stick baller, ready for . Use a Cookie Scoop to measure cake pops equally each time.

I make cake pops, but for these I thought I’d use a cookie scoop to make extra sure they are similar .

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