Gaggia mm grinder

Aug This grinder is Gaggia’s consumer oriented coffee grinder, mainly suitable for coffee, vacuum brewing, and press pot coffee. Aug Well it grinds your coffee beans. Not bad looking and takes up little space.

Appears to be similar parts as the Gaggia MDF so it’s a consistent . I’ve had my Gaggia grinder (this model is also called MM elsewhere I think) for just under years. I have been using it to grind beans for my Gaggia classic . The grinding of the coffee beans is a critical moment in the preparation of a cup of true espresso. Ideally, it should be done just prior to the . Initially looked at the Gaggia MM, which i can get for £6 but a numer. For how many coffees i will be making i dont see a hand grinder being .

Jan I haven’t used the MM Steel, but the regular MM is not a good grinder. I had one briefly after I got my first real espresso machine, a Gaggia . SORRY – SOLD OUT – CHECK BACK SOON For the perfect coffee accuracy of grind in relation to the particular coffee blend is essential. The vibe: Would look great next to the white Gaggia Espresso – its got that same Star Wars Storm-Trooper look. Gaggia MM Grinder Lower Grinding Plate Assembly.

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