Green star tulip

We’ve paired it with the sumptuous Doll’s Minuet in our range of Tulip Partner collections but with its unique colouring Green Star is an incredibly useful flower in . Greenstar Tulips Bulbs: Our Greenstar Tulips are ideal for your garden projects. For over 1years we supply top quality Greenstar Tulips bulbs.

Technically a lily flowering tulip but with its strong green it must also be a viridiflora. Tulip Green Star White Triumphator Bulbs ONLY £11. Green Star is a Division – Viridiflora tulip. It has the viridiflora green-striped characteristics set on a white base combined . Green Star – a very unusual color for this group but green flowers are extremely popular and are best noticed when planted in front of either very white or dark . Gladiolus ‘Green Star’ is an acid-green gladioli, which doesn’t fade to yellow, superb for growing and arranging with dahlias.

Tulip Green Star is an unique variety and has the elegance of a Lily-flowering Tulips.

You will be amazed as soon as you see this variety in bloom! Dramatic green and white reflexed petals. Pairing our new Tulip Doll’s Minuet with a classic, Green Star. Rosy red petals look fantastic planted alongside the spiky reflexing green and white petals of Tulip . Tulip Greenstar is simply a stunning viridiflora tulip with the flowers star shaped and coloured green and white.

Often used for cut flower it is also very good in . Buy your Lily-Flowering Tulips ‘Greenstar’at Bakker.

Visit our online shop today and order from the gardening professionals. The blossoms of this hybrid Viridiflora tulip begin as a light green to white and mature to bright white with green flames and a hint of yellow. This fairly new tulip bears much broader and stronger green flaming than the popular ‘Spring Green’, together with a very appealing lily flowered form. This phenomenal hybrid has bold green flames more prominent than most Viridifloras.

It opens chartreuse-white with verdant green flames back lit lemon-yellow, . Just like every other viridiflora tulip, Greenstar has a green accent in the flower, but in this variant this is combined with a vivid white. This phenomenal hybrid has bold green flames that are more prominent than many Viridiflora Tulips. It opens chartreuse-white with verdant green flames back lit .

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