Hoover fault codes washing machine

Should the error code Eappears it is warning that the machine is not draining. You can easily fix this problem by removing any blockages from the drain pump . Select the type of washing machine appliance you’re experiencing difficulties with.

Fault codes for the Hoover OPH series of washing machine, what they mean and what they are telling you is wrong. Jul Each model’s error code is different. To help you understand yours, this eSpares video explains Hoover and Candy washing machine error . Sxw0nn Does your Hoover or Candy washing. May Error Code I have a few references to the Hoover error they are listed for the Hoover Vision HD series washing machines, Hoover phase . Sep This is an error code relevant to the old Hoover New Wave washing machines.

E= timed out on either fill, heat or draining.

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