How to freeze bramley apples

May I got bags of reduced bramley apples yest and want to freeze them for use in pies, crumbles and apple sauce. Can I just peel and chop or do I need to cook . Apr 2010Bruised Apples WindfallsApr 2010More from forums. Sep Gardening question – Does anyone know if you can freeze Bramley apples. I have checked the Net about freezing apples in general, and see . I have been given a bag of freshly picked Bramley Apples, and would like to freeze them for later use.

If you have both apples and space in your freezer, you may want to freeze some apples for use in recipes later. These directiosn show you how, in easy, . Apples are generally peele slice and cored before being frozen, and they can be frozen using a variety of different methods. Feb Pictured above, these baked Bramley apples by Valentine Warner.

So if the freezer has little space then juice them and freeze that – it’s or times smaller than the apples.

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