Microplane spiral cutter review

Surgical grade stainless steel blades; Microplane Spiral Cutter in green; Dual slicing sizes and. See all customer reviews (newest first) on Amazon. The new Spiral Cutter from Microplane is the ideal tool to quickly and.

The Good Housekeeping Institute tests the best spiralizers, including the Microplane Spiral Cutter. For more reviews, go to goodhousekeeping. Aug Which of the three spiral cutters I tried would I recommend? Later, I received a sample of the brand-new Microplane Spiral Cutter, also around $. Helen Chen’s Asian Kitchen Spiral Slicer got a rave review on a raw diet . Microplane Spiral Cutter is used to create spiral-cut vegetables for stir-fry and gluten-free inspired dishes!

Aug The tools Microplane gave me are the Zester, the Box Grater, the Spiral Cutter, and the Herb Salad Chopper.

Feb Let me tell you about this new Microplane Spiral Cutter – it’s easy to use and easy to clean too. This spiral cutter allows you to make spiral cuts . Review of OXO Good Grips V-Blade Mandoline Slic…. Why We’re Crazy About Spiral Vegetable Cutters.

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