Preserving plums in alcohol

Aug I had seen a recipe for brandied plums from the New York Times and it had left me curious. I pitted and sliced the pluots then soaked them in brandy mixed with sugar, cinnamon and vanilla. Put it up with brandy, vanilla and cinnamon to make brandied plums (or peaches or ) for.

Sep This will allow the vodka to penetrate into the fruit much faster and. Using a canning funnel (just because it’s easier), drop your plums into a . Aug How to Preserve Plums: A Round-Up. Sep Put the tomatoes down and get yourself some plums. Jul How to preserve fruit in alcohol to maximize your summer harvest. ROASTS: Warm brandied plums or Concord grapes and serve with .

Sep She’s used the technique to preserve raspberries in vodka, which she plans to churn into sorbet, and greengage plums in brandy, to bake into . Oct But did you know that you can also preserve fruit in alcohol, such as brandy or vodka? Did the plums sit too long before using for liquor? Aug When life gives you plums, make plum brandy.

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