Rayburn nouvelle oil

The Rayburn Oil Nouvelle cooker has gone through several changes and modifications during its long history, particularly with regard to the boiler burner. To complement the existing Solid Fuel Gas-fired models, the Oil-fired Nouvelle cooker was introduced in 1988. On the Oil Control Valve (OCV) ‘P’ depress the trip lever ‘D’ until it clicks then release. Turn cooker control knob ‘C’ to the maximum setting. The sequence of events is basically the same for early models with relay control or . During very cold weather, in an otherwise unheated house, consideration should be given to leaving the appliance on a low . Feb Working well at the moment but due for a service next month, I do it myself,any idea where I can get spares for this cooker/boiler, Aga Rayburn .

K or something – same basic slightly adpated . Jun Any Rayburn Nouvelle experts here? I have a Rayburn Nouvelle, of which the Boiler side of it drops out before it has the chance to get up to.

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