Set of 3 pyrex dishes

Length of Parts Guarantee (Years), Years. Part of the Pyrex range, this 3-piece casserole set is a great addition to your existing cookware. Set includes a 20cm 1-liter dish, 23cm 1.

Pyrex piece roaster dish set instore at Poundstretcher Oldbury. I think everyone has heard of Pyrex by now and knows it’s the goto brand for glass cookware. I’ve used my pyrex dishes for many years, and I’ve recently . Indispensable Pyrex Indispensable Glass Piece Casserole Dishes Set (Neoteric Design). Pyroflam Round Casseroles with Lids, Set of 3. Pyrex piece Glass Casserole Dish Set with Lids: This Pyrex piece casserole set is made from borosilicate glass with high thermal shock resistance . The Pyrex Piece Casserole Set is the perfect kitchen set that will help you create some delicious meals.

The set includes different sized dishes, perfect for a . Wilko Glass Casserole Set 3pcs – Glass casserole set with lids in graduated sizes.

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