Swiss lux kettle

Swiss Luxx Products – caravan accessories uk,caravan accessoryshop shurflo pumps. Low Wattage, Litre Cordless Stainless Steel Kettle. Swiss Lux is a complete range of low wattage camping and caravaning electrical items.

This range of products has been specially developed specifically to offer . I wanted a low wattage kettle for more effective utilisation of generated power from my solar panels. Looks bronze but definitely steel colour. Bought this as we have PV panels now on the roof and our kettle drew 1/kw which made us draw from the gri now .

Swiss Luxx: Kettles – Low wattage camping and caravanning electrical items in UK Swiss Luxx: Stoves – Low wattage camping and caravanning electrical items . Swiss Luxx: Low wattage camping and caravanning electrical items Home Products. Ever plugged your kettle in the caravan and found everything gone dark all of a sudden? Swiss Lux Low Wattage Stainless Steel Kettle available at Caravan Accessory Shop. Swiss Lux stainless steel low wattage cordless kettle with litre capacity.

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