Vegetable noodle maker

Read our pick of the five best gadgets for creating fruit and vegetable ribbons, from. ULTIMATE COMBO – The Kycen Pasta Maker comes with a Flexible Cleaning Brush, Safety Cap, Instructions, Recipes eBooks, PLUS bonus eBooks Vegan . Jan These manage much larger diameter veg than the handheld devices.

May Make Healthy Vegetable Noodles With A Spiralizer. It reminds me of a pasta noodle maker which is usually more complicated. Jul The spiralizer turns fruit and veg into low-calorie ‘pasta’, ‘noodles’ and ‘rice’. Makers of the spiralizer — a new kitchen gadget that is taking . Apr And the pasta maker has only one attachment — a small metal prong for when you’ve whittled the veggie down to the nub and need to hold it in . Great for Zucchini Linguini, Spaghetti and Pasta Maker.

Ideal Food Slicer for Gluten Free and Paleo Diet.

Veggetti turns veggies into healthy spaghetti! Veggetti as seen on TV is the fast, easy way to turn veggies into delicious spaghetti in seconds!

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